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Online Travel Times

  National Bus/Coach/Ferry Scenic Routes and Travel Times


New Zealand national scenic bus and coach travel routes and destinationsUsing the national scenic route map located on the right and the travel search box located on the left, you can search for departure and travel times so you can calculate the number of travel hours that would be required for your travel within New Zealand using a Flexipass.

If you are experiencing problems in searching for travel times and or destinations or would like one of our travel consultant's to assist you, do not hesitate to contact our Travel Centre team.

To Search

1. To search for travel times, service numbers and/or seat availability, type in the 'From' field of the search box - the destination you will be travelling from.

2. Type in the 'To' field, the destination you are travelling to.

3. Type or click on the 'Calendar' icon next to the 'Depart Date' field for a date.

The Date doesn't need to be the day you want to travel.  Its only for calculating the necessary travel 'Hours' or 'Sector'.

4. In the 'Passengers' field, add 1 person.

5. Click on the 'Search' icon to display travel times, service number for each travel sectors you want to travel on and/or seat availability.

6. Enter the travel 'Hour' or travel 'Sector' on your Flexipass travel planner.

7. Repeat the process for each travel destination you are planning to travel too.

Once you have calculated the number of travel 'Hours' or 'Sectors' that can be used for your pass, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation options to suit your travel budget by clicking on the above 'National  Accommodation' link.

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